Favorite winter snack at home;A national snack loved by people of all ages

Due to the influence of the Arctic cold wave, the country was frozen solidly with the strongest cold wave, heavy snow and strong winds. The snow since yesterday is expected to fall locally in Chungnam and Jeolla provinces. Traffic safety and pedestrians need to be extra cautious on their way to work.

It is the coldest weather this winter, when the sensible temperature is below -20 degrees Celsius.
I think it would be better to refrain from going out because of the icy road. At the same time as the winter break, the spread of Corona 19 and the sharply chilly weather have resulted in more time at home, so here are some winter snacks that you can enjoy with your children.
A delicious winter snack sweet potato
 Sweet potato, one of the old yellow crops that soothed the hunger of ordinary people in the cold winter in the old days, in dramas from the 80s and 90s, you can see a scene with sweet potatoes in a paper bag in the appearance of a caring father who comes home with his arms wrapped around his side on the way home from work. Although times have changed, sweet potatoes, which are still loved as a winter snack, are a representative winter snack loved by everyone, regardless of age or gender, that can be eaten with various applications.
 Sweet potatoes have a lower caloric content than rice, give a feeling of satiety, and are effective in preventing constipation due to their high fiber content.

'Alapin', the white milky component of sweet potatoes, promotes bowel movement and is good for constipation.

It is also good for adult diseases, including high blood pressure, because it has a lot of potassium and excretes salt with urine.
 It is popular because it can be made into various dishes that children love using sweet potatoes.

Easier if you can eat steamed or boiled potato can eat baked to be added to the sweetness that only potatoes before, sweet potato fries, kids love the sweetness a mouth full address is Sweet mattang also perennials popular is that

particularly soft, sweet potatoes malraengyi have young children as well It is a popular snack even for adults who are not adults.
 Potatoes loved as the representative snack of service stations
 Potatoes, which are counted as one of the four major food crops, are old-fashioned crops that can be eaten both as a snack and as a meal.

It is a familiar food that can be used in a variety of ways as one of the most popular snacks among food not only for children but also for rest areas.
 Potassium-rich potatoes of sodium because baechulhae from the body helps the blood strengthened and vascular health Vitamin C is abundant as' the apple of the ground,

help, etc. called it contains vitamin C, fatigue, skin, immune system strengthening It is also effective in preventing anemia.

Potatoes contain antioxidants, which help to prevent various diseases and cell aging and oxidation.
 It can be used in a variety of ways, such as grilled potatoes with butter, potato pancakes, french fries, and the easiest way to eat in the common room, so it is loved by everyone, regardless of age or gender.

If you eat it with cheese, you can make up for the protein and fat that potatoes lack.
 Sweet potatoes are good to eat with children in the cold winter, and they are loved by the whole nation because they can be used in various ways according to the taste of depreciation.

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