Efficacy of Chaga Mushroom Let's take care of winter health

The weather is very cold these days, so it seems to be the season to pay special attention to health. As the weather gets colder, I look for hot tea a lot. 

I accidentally drank chaga mushroom tea one day while drinking an instant drink. It tastes and smells better than I thought, and it is also good for health, so if you drink one or two cups a day, you will be able to take care of your health.

Benefits of Chaga Mushroom

Chaga mushroom, which is effective enough to be selected as one of the world's top 5 superfoods, is a parasitic mushroom attached to birch trees.

Mushrooms with a variety of effects are said to be particularly good for cancer prevention. In addition to preventing cancer, it has various effects such as anti-cancer, immunity enhancement, inflammation, diabetes, and blood pressure.

Chaga has been through many trials and study of cancer and metastasis, and that is proven scientifically that there is a significant effect in preventing proliferation., Chaga's " Elixir of treating incurable diseases Already, various Russia ' It is recognized as an official medicine for cancer treatment.

Chaga mushrooms grow one per tree, and feed on birch sap for 15 to 20 years.

It is widely distributed in Siberia, Russia, and it is difficult to cultivate artificially and can only be harvested twice a year.

Basically, chaga mushroom contains a large amount of components such as beta-glucan, inositol, polyphenol, antioxidant component SOD, phytochemical, betulin, betulinic acid, and dietary fiber, which are chromogen complex (active ingredients), among which beta-glucan are the main ingredients that help the immune system, and said to help activate the immune function of human normal cells, the difference in the content of beta-glucan component of the mushroom is 11 times mushrooms situation and that contain an amount of up.

In addition, the extract of chaga is known to reduce chronic inflammation and has a positive effect on the immune system, and various effects of chaga have been introduced through various media.

Not only is it effective against infections, but it is also known to be helpful in a variety of ways, from colds in winter to severe diseases.

The difference between the mushroom polyphenol content is high ship 10.8 of Ganoderma lucidum value OD and contain polyphenols of which inhibit free radicals that contribute to disease, aging, cancer, and protection against bacterial invasion, to help antioxidant Enzyme also shows more than 2.5 times the level of Sanghwang mushroom .

In 2014, Gachon University College of Pharmacy conducted a test to determine the effect of chaga mushroom extract on inhibiting colon diseases (colitis, colorectal cancer) and confirmed the anti-inflammatory effect of chaga mushroom extract in a colitis model.

In addition, there are various research results such as prostate cancer, breast cancer, laryngeal cancer, cervical cancer, rectal cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, liver cancer, etc. 53% for stomach cancer, 70% for colon cancer, 68% for liver cancer, 40% for breast cancer In the case of cervical cancer, it is said that it was effective in inhibiting the proliferation of cancer cells by 27% .

If you look at the results of various cancer overcoming cases, you can see the various effects of chaga .

If the chromogen component in chaga is boiled for too long, nutrients are destroyed, so it is better to brew it slowly in water below 60 degrees and consume it as a tea.

As a means of taking care of winter health, let's take care of health this winter with a cup of warm chaga mushroom tea that warms the body and boosts immunity rather than instant drinks.

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