Beware of heating in winter;Beware of heating diseases in winter like air conditioners in summer

The use of heating appliances such as hot air heaters and stoves is said to be increasing indoors at the news of the new year's weather forecast in January 2020. In winter, especially because of the wide temperature difference, it is more likely to catch "winter heating bottles" as indoor air gets dry and air quality gets worse if you continue to use heating equipment without ventilating the windows are closed.

Although it is a temporary symptom of seasonality, living in an enclosed space can cause many symptoms.
Heating sickness is a type of 'closed building syndrome' caused by excessive heating and dry indoor conditions in winter. Working in an enclosed indoor space for a long time causes various symptoms because it is not well adapted to indoor and outdoor temperature differences. Usually, the eyes, nose, and neck are dry along with headaches, causing stiff eyes, sore neck, or pain in the back of the neck. My chest feels stuffy, dizzy, or my memory also deteriorates.

Work efficiency decreases and a sense of formal fatigue can lead to lethargy. In severe cases, joints such as the waist, knees, and wrists may feel throbbing and swelling of hands and feet.
As it is a symptom of staying in an enclosed space for a long time, heating bottles improve themselves when they are exposed to fresh air outside, but if they last for a long time, abnormal symptoms can occur, so caution is needed to ventilate the room.

Also, it is recommended to refrain from using the heater to prevent it. Indoor temperature is 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, indoor humidity is 40 to 60 percent. Low indoor humidity can cause respiratory problems, skin drying, and dry eye.

When the temperature reaches the right room temperature, turn off the heater and wear thin outerwear or warm it up with insulating items such as knee blankets and slippers. Drinking warm tea can also help you maintain your body temperature.

Periodic ventilation is more important than enclosed rooms. Clean the room frequently and maintain a clean environment so that dust does not accumulate inside.

Above all, ventilation is important, and if you work for a long time, such as an office, it is also helpful to prevent heating diseases by stretching your body from time to time.

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