Well-being habits you can take in your daily life

 Individuals' happy and high-quality lives - as well-being needs grow, stress relief is considered an essential solution in life. Especially after those in their 20s and 30s who value their personal lives over work or 40s who feel red light on their health, career women with economic power often enjoy their hobbies or leisure activities that combine stress prevention and relief. Furthermore, as the Internet becomes a daily life, it is easier to collect information on common interests and various methods are introduced and used in practice through the community, so stress relief methods are becoming a more enjoyable and interesting topic of life.

In some cases, they start with the aim of relieving stress and then become specialized. Things such as meditation, yoga, and aromatherapy that must go through the learning process for a certain period of time can be more effective than expected, such as becoming experts and earning profits over time.

However, I would like to introduce a well-being habit in which you can take care of yourself for a while in your daily life rather than in such a specialized case.


◇ Vitamin

It is the easiest way for busy modern people to take care of their health. The important thing at this time is to choose the vitamin pills you need. For example, if you're stressed out or if you're a smoker, you'd better take vitamin C, vitamin B for the favorite price, and vitamin B, C, and E for the elderly.

If you are on a diet, taking vitamin C and B is helpful. In Korea, it is known that vitamin A is generally lacking. In particular, beta-carotene, a probitamin A substance that is converted to vitamin A in the body, is recommended to be taken sufficiently as the best antioxidant to prevent aging.

However, in the case of vitamin A and vitamin D, excessive side effects can occur, so be careful. If you don't want to cover up, it's also helpful to take multivitamins consistently.


◇Using the left

Use the left if you are right-handed and the right if you are left-handed. The balance of the human body is getting worse while using only one side of the body habitually. In particular, the habit of carrying a bag only on the right (or left) shoulder not only puts pressure on the spine of the shoulder but also makes the posture bent.

The use of the left side is also known to enhance creativity. Koreans often use the left brain, which oversees logical power, so the balanced development of the left and right brains is often not achieved.

Because the nervous system of our body is connected diagonally to the brain, the left brain is connected to the right body and the right brain is connected to the left body. Therefore, using the left body can stimulate the right brain.


◇ Laugh, sing

"If you imitate a particular expression of emotion, your body will have a similar physiological type," said Dr. Paul Akman of the University of California, San Francisco. Laughing loudly relieves stress and activates cells, improving the body's immunity.

This is because the muscles of the face move when smiling and the brain is properly stimulated to relax. Laughing out loud also increases the intake of oxygen and activates cells, such as deep breathing.

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