Vascular dementia that can be prevented by changing your lifestyle

 Most of the so-called Alzheimer's disease, which we know often, is known as dementia, which we cannot even remember our children's names due to age. Alzheimer's is the most common degenerative brain disease that causes dementia and is a gradual deterioration of cognitive function, including memory.


Alzheimer's disease develops very slowly and is characterized by progressive progression. While showing problems in memory of recent events, it gradually accompanies various other cognitive abnormalities such as verbal function judgment, and if deteriorated, it will lose its daily function.

Unfortunately, Alzheimer's currently has no special precaution unless it is medically treatable.


- Among them, vascular dementia can be prevented by changing lifestyle.

 Dementia is important for early detection and early treatment because there is no cure. Let's find ways to prevent dementia by correcting one's daily habits and reducing symptoms.


- Nutrition habit of eating blue-backed fish and vegetables evenly


Unsaturated fatty acids such as dementia with omega 3, DHA, and EPA, mackerel related to cognitive functions, mackerel and mackerel mackerel mackerel are eaten, but they are eaten without fat. 

Eat foods that have antioxidant effects such as fruits and vegetables evenly.


- Regular and proper physical exercise

 Regular exercise can improve brain blood flow, boost brain cell growth and increase oxygen supply to prevent brain cell regression.

I walk more than three times a week. Good for the heart is good for the brain to help the blood flow smoothly.If you start exercising for the first time, the intensity of the exercise gradually increases, and proper physical exercise for your age group is good.


- Brain movement that stimulates the brain.

Continuous brain exercise is essential to keep your head steady and functioning well. It is necessary to stimulate the brain rather than to be used to it as a habit but comfortable. I read books, play games, and do brain exercises. Let's do brain exercises that stimulate the brain, such as multiplying the dice and reading newspapers and memorizing three titles.   It is also effective to use the head and body together when working with the brain.

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