Types of incontinence, prevention and treatment

It's a disease called incontinence.It is known that 40 to 50 percent of Korean women experience it as a form of urinary disorder.It's a symptom of urinating involuntarily due to swelling of the bladder or lack of urinary reflex nerve suppression..

There are three main types of incontinence.

First, abdominal tension incontinence. 80% of all patients belong here, and it is common in middle-aged women with a lot of childbirth experience..

Second, desperate incontinence that you can't stand when you want to pee. If you don't go to the bathroom quickly, you'll wet your underwear along the way..

The last is the type of incontinence, which means that the bladder, which is stretched like a rubber balloon, cannot function properly..

The treatment is largely divided into non-surgical methods and surgical therapies, but there are pros and cons, so the appropriate treatment should be selected according to the patient's systemic condition and symptoms..

Non-surgical treatments include medication therapy using bladder-shrinked relaxants or urethral sphincter reinforcement, pelvic and pelvic muscles to suppress urine, and electrostimulation therapy devices that periodically stimulate the vagina and urinary muscles..

Surgery is mainly applied to patients with severe tension urinary incontinence, which is not treated well with these gymnastics and physical therapy.Hong Jae-yeop, a professor of urology at Mokdong Hospital at Ewha University, said, "In the past, we used a method of incision of the lower abdomen skin, opening the abdomen, and fixing the loose urethra to the lower part of the spine..

Aloe, corn beard, succulent sulfur, and odi are among the private drugs that help prevent and treat incontinence..Alloe is expected to strengthen bladder muscle contraction due to its strong convergence, while corn beards have the effect of emitting residual urine, succulent sulfur and odi have the effect of smoothing kidney and uterine functions.Take out 100g of aloe and corn beard, 80g of succulent sulfur and mulberry, and put 1들이 of water in a earthenware or kettle and drink it for 3~4 hours..

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