The sky is spinning otolithiasis

It is a condition caused by otoliths in the vestibular organs, which are responsible for the sense of equilibrium in the ear, and by stimulating the semicircular tube whenever the body moves, the body feels dizzy.
When otolith rolls into the semicircular canal due to aging or external impact, it stimulates squamous sensory cells, causing dizziness.

- Based on the major symptoms,

Usually, when I wake up casually in the morning, I experience sudden dizziness and parallelism, especially when I bend my head, move my pillow or toss my body while lying down. If dizziness persists, there are situations that cannot occur due to nausea, vomiting, and severe dizziness.

- Prevention method

Since the otolith has left its place, physical therapy that restores suspended solids is most commonly used. As it is easy to treat, it is also a disease that is frequently recurrent.

Because there is a high probability of post-head trauma, care must be taken for the physical impact of the head.

It is good to wash your hair with a big rotation, and refrain from drinking alcohol, caffeine drinks, or foods that are usually too salty. When you lie down and wake up, it's also good to act out loud and wake up carefully. Above all, you should be careful of the physical impact of the head.

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