The reason why we are looking for hot food in summer.

 It is a disease caused by heat waves, especially when the summer heat starts, a lot of thermal diseases occur.

Heatstroke is a typical case of acute disease caused by heat. Sometimes when watching the news, elderly people who work in the fields in the middle of the day can see sad news caused by heat stroke. These days, people with chronic diseases aged 65 or older are vulnerable to heat-related diseases.

- Types of thermal diseases

a. Sunstroke

 It is a disease that occurs when exposed to heat for a long time, and the body temperature usually rises to 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.

b. Heat stroke

 It is a disease that occurs when staying in a high-temperature enclosed space for a long time, and can be fatal as the body temperature rises above 40 degrees. In general, central nervous system abnormalities can occur, mental confusion and loss of consciousness can occur.

What everyone has in common is a condition that can be caused by high temperatures, or heat waves. According to the weather forecast of the Korea Meteorological Administration, it is easy to hear that it is a heat wave. Let's find out the difference between heat wave warning and warning.

Heat wave warning?

 This refers to when the daily maximum temperature is expected to last more than two days.

Heat wave warning?

  When the daily maximum temperature of 35 degrees Celsius or higher is expected to last for more than two days, the 2020 summer weather predicts that the heat wave and heat wave will be hot until late August, as it was every year.

- Let's find out about the heat wave.

1. Above all, since it's summer vacation season, let's check the conditions of the captain frequently.

2. Before you go on vacation, be aware of the common sense of heat safety and enjoy the summer.

Avoid the hot sun in the middle of summer. When working outdoors because it is the hottest time of the day from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. 

Avoid that time zone as much as possible. I don't stay in the water or the beach for a long time.

3. Watch out for food poisoning.

Since the food can easily go bad due to the high temperature, do not eat it cooked enough or left at room temperature as much as possible. 

4. Sufficient water intake

Avoid beverages or alcoholic beverages containing caffeine and drink bottled water or ionic beverages.

5. Never leave a child alone in a car.

The sad news that we hear through the news once or twice a year is an accident that occurs when a child is left alone in a vehicle. Hot summer days in a sealed car are fatal. In particular, safety should be taken care of in the heat wave.

You should not leave a child or a pet alone because the idea of going to the bathroom for a while can be a big accident.

6. Prepare necessary items in advance for the heat wave forecast.

 Before using air conditioners, fans, etc., check in advance. They prepare long brim hats, mass-production, and sunscreen when they go out.

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