Perilla leaves, prevention of atopic dermatitis

Oriental medicine has long been studying the effects of food on the human body, and is still helping the prevention and treatment of various diseases by guiding daily eating habits.

Foods that are good for the body are also different just as the symptoms that appear for each person are different even for the same disease. The food with the properties of replenishing the qi is good. On the other hand, eumheojeung (陰虛症) is the correct food to supplement the essence.

Let's take moist heat, which is often seen in atopic dermatitis as an example. Atopic dermatitis caused by moist heat is a form of moist heat that invades the skin and causes disease. A light yellowish ooze is produced, mainly showing itchy symptoms.

A good food for atopic dermatitis is perilla leaf, which appears every time you wrap sashimi or meat. It is a food with a name. According to the Korean medicine book 'Bonchogangmok', the nature of perilla is warm and bitter in taste. It is recorded as a 'herb' that is particularly effective in relieving skin diseases, asthma, and constipation. Perilla leaf extract exacerbates inflammation in the body. The recent research results that it inhibits the production of stimulant factors and exhibits anti-allergic effects prove this.

On the other hand, chocolate, cake, canned juice, cola, french fries, meat fat, fast food, peanut, red pepper, garlic, ginger, green onion, pepper, coffee, etc. are considered bad foods for atopic dermatitis. Even luxury items such as alcohol are not good. These foods have a lot of moist heat, and even if they do not, there is a risk of further annoying patients with atopic dermatitis who suffer from moist heat.

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