Never do this after your hard workout!

 When we feel a sense of accomplishment after exercising hard, we casually do what we shouldn't do.

You worked out so hard! Don't do this!

Today, I'm going to share some behaviors that I should never do after exercising.

First, don't eat right after exercising!

After exercising, our bodies require more energy than we need. So after exercising, the body eats as much as it wants because of hunger, and then it has no choice but to overeat.

So it is good to eat protein-oriented meals 20 to 60 minutes after exercising.


Second, drink water rather than sports drinks after exercising!

Drinking sports drinks or sports drinks during or after exercise is a habit of getting closer to obesity.

Drinks are high in sugar, so it's best not to drink as much as possible.

Also, zero-calorie drinks, which you believe will not gain weight, contain a lot of artificial sweeteners, so you should be careful.

It is recommended to drink plenty of water instead of drinks.

Third, stretching rather than taking a nap after exercising!

After exercising and taking a shower, my body becomes tired and I fall asleep just by leaning for a while.

At this time, taking a nap doesn't help you recover from fatigue at all.

It is a much better way to stretch muscles from exercise instead of taking a nap.

Fourth, do not bathe right after exercising!

There are people who take a lower-body bath or bath to relax their body muscles after exercising.

Of course, if you soak yourself in warm water, you will get rid of fatigue, and your muscles will seem to be relaxed, but it is definitely not.

Rather, if you soak yourself in hot water and enjoy a bath, it will interfere with your body, which was burning fat through exercise.

After exercising, take a light shower, and if you want to take a bath, it's better to take it 30 minutes after exercising.

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