Let's take care of our health with seasonal food in March

Let's take care of our health with March seasonal food for the spring. The wind felt on the skin has softened, as it said in the words of blooming spring and March. Just as it is said that the spring breeze, which feels like the tip of the nose, has become a good season to go out, the temperature has already changed. It is a good season for outdoor outing, when everything that stretches out of the shoulders that have shrunk all winter is revived. Let's find out about foods that come out in the spring with ingredients.

- Strawberry

Strawberries with a red taste that stimulates the appetite even with the naked eye are rich in vitamin C, so they are good news for women to prevent colds and also prevent aging. It also prevents melanin pigment from accumulating, making the skin clear and transparent. Strawberries with good taste and nutrients are in full swing these days. It's in season, so let's eat strawberries with the whole family feeling spring.

- Webfoot octopus

Sweet webfoot octopus rich in taurine that is good for fatigue recovery. Every spring, one of the spring festivals held nationwide is the webfoot octopus festival, which is chewy and has excellent texture, and it is crowded with tourists who visit every year regardless of long distances for taste. It reduces cholesterol, is low in calories, and is rich in essential amino acids, which is good for diets.

- horseradish

As the lyrics say, "When spring comes, azaleas bloom in the mountains and spring girls go to pick up vegetables with spring baskets," I think naengmyeon is the representative food that goes on a table filled with the fragrant scent of a spring table.

These days, cold noodles, which have been raised while maintaining vitality in the ground over cold winter, are highly protein-rich and minerals-rich enough to help restore energy.

It is also rich in alkaline crops, especially vitamins A, B, and C, which are good for rejuvenating and recovering from fatigue and for drowsy spring fever in spring.

I hope that it will be a season where people can find their tastes and health through special spring seasonal foods that have been lacking in nutrients through foods that are delicious and nutritious in March.

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