Joint pain that worsens in winter

If cartilage is removed due to inflammation of the joints caused by wear-out, pain and deformation in the joints will occur. 

  Usually, the body's load-bearing joints such as hip, knee, ankle, and spinal joint, which support weight when walking or exercising, and as age naturally occurs, cartilage and surrounding bones slowly degenerate, usually around the age of 60.


It is largely divided into primary and secondary, with no exact cause and normal joint cartilage aging, or degenerative changes, is caused by diseases such as trauma and arthritis, which have a relatively high incidence of degenerative changes in men and tend to occur younger than primary.


The most common symptom of degenerative arthritis is pain in the area where arthritis occurs, and usually without general symptoms is one of the differences from rheumatoid arthritis.

△ My knees hurt and hurt when I climb up and down stairs and hills.

△ I can't move my joints well when I wake up after sitting for a long time.

△ When the weather is cold or humid, the joints are cold, swollen and painful.

△ Legs are bent by O-type.

△ When I wake up in the morning, my joints feel stiff.

△ Finger joints are red, fever or severe pain.

remedial treatment

It is largely divided into conservative and surgical treatments, which are considered in cases where there is no further improvement in symptoms and severe disruption to daily life, despite stable and drug treatment, physical therapy, and protective measures.
There is a lack of medical evidence to clearly explain why arthritis symptoms worsen depending on the weather, but arthritis pain can actually increase due to the cold. We feel pain through the nerves of the body. When the weather gets cold, the tissue contracts to prevent the body's heat from being taken away, and the nerves can be stimulated and feel pain in the process. In other words, although there is no significant change in the condition of arthritis, you can feel more pain than usual.
Unfortunately, degenerative arthritis cannot stop the progression of regression of the joint once the symptoms begin, making it difficult to apply the concept of complete recovery fundamentally. However, it is possible to slow the progression of the disease, relieve pain, and improve joint function.

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