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Have you ever suffered from stiff muscles or sore muscles? Do you exercise regularly? Or not very much, or not at all? Is your job difficult, monotonous, or one-sided? Or is it light? If your answer belongs to any of these questions, test it right now Stretch your muscles. You will feel better and feel cooler.  

Your muscles are very important for your happiness in life. to be good at anything Your muscles need to be strong, strong and flexible. Proper muscle growth should be a part of your daily routine, just like brushing your teeth and washing your hands. should be Movement is a natural part of everyday life. 
There are over 650 skeletal muscles in our body. Muscles contract or contract to cause movement. 

It works through the wand. This movement is voluntary or without conscious awareness. 
At least 430 muscles are used to move the body, and these are required to work smoothly. Your muscles should be flexible and strong. You also need to have stamina. But now many 

People live sedentary and do not move much. So it damages the muscles and connective tissue. Muscles become stiff or weak. 

Everyone knows that exercise is important for strength and stamina, but most people don't like flexibility. 

Forgetting about muscle extension. As a result, muscles become unnecessarily stiff and sometimes Joints, cartilage, tendons, and muscles may be injured. 

< Why are muscles stiff? > 

There are many reasons why muscles contract, shorten, stiffen, and stiffen. 

1. heavy labor or hard physical training 

2. Miscoordinated movements 

3. Bad posture 

4. Lack of activity 

5. Monotonous or general movements 

6. Wounds and Pain 
When you're going to be working hard, your muscles contract, or shorten, very quickly. 

If the muscle doesn't stretch after doing this, it just stays short and stiff. 

It becomes stiff and prevents the muscles on the opposite side of the joint from moving properly. 

Thus, the muscle on this opposite side becomes less mobile and even weaker. 

If the shortened muscles are left untreated, you change the way you move. 

This means that the joint cannot do what it is supposed to do, and it has to do what it cannot do. 

In addition, the blood vessels are constricted, which worsens blood circulation. 

< How do you know which muscles are stiff? > 

If you've been sitting for too long, you'll feel stiff and want to get up and move around. 

This is instinct. One of the first symptoms of shortened and stiff muscles is when you feel stiff. 

will be. Other symptoms include stuttering or fatigue. It may hurt when you move 

You may feel pain even when you are resting. Convulsions may even occur. However, see 

Tong doesn't know you're getting stiffer. 

<The result of continuous muscle contraction> 

If the muscles around the rib cage are too stiff, a heart-like pain will come, and this pain will extend to the arm. 

will go down 

When the lower back muscles become stiff, you will feel pain in the lower back and it will be very difficult to move. 

It is very common for the muscles around the hip joint to shorten, causing pain in the hip joint area and sometimes in the flank or flank. 

A vague pain arose in the lower back, and the pain spreads down to the front and back of the legs and to the feet. 

When the muscles of the thigh, calf, and foot are stiff, local pain is felt, but the important thing is to 

It impairs the way you walk. It also affects the pelvis, back, and neck. 

<General principles for dealing with stiff muscles> 

Before you begin to stretch, your joints should always be able to move normally. 

Stretching should be felt only in the muscles, not in the joints. Therefore, before exercising, 

You should always check the joints involved by moving to the Korean peninsula. 
<Basic rules for muscle elongation>  
1. Start and finish in a safe position. 

2. It should give maximum renal effect without risk. 

3. It must be absolutely safe for all organizations involved. 

4. Equipment should be kept to a minimum. 

5. Be able to do it anytime, anywhere. 
Most of the patients complain that "the bone hurts here". 

Pain caused by damage to soft tissues, such as muscles, tendons, and ligaments, is common. 

It seems that talking about muscle growth would not be enough to say too much. 

In the next lesson, we will continue with the basic rules for muscle growth and incorrect postures that are commonly used during time. 

<Why you need to stretch your muscles>

1. When the muscle is shortened, the muscle function is lost and the movement of the joint is lowered.
    Inspect the temple for any abnormalities.
2. In the case of two joint muscles, there is no problem even if only one joint moves.
   For example, in the case of the rectus femoris, if there is a problem with the hip joint, you can use the knee joint.
3. It can be extended only when there is a soft feeling at the end of the joint.
4. The muscle to be stretched must be strong.

<Preparation steps before muscle stretching>

1. Inform the patient where the kidney will be.
2. The muscles must be pre-warmed.
3. Contract the muscles first, then stretch them - blood circulation is increased 6 times

<When, for how long, and how often should muscle elongation be done?>

The purpose of all muscle stretching is to increase flexibility. So check your muscle condition
In order to do this, you need sufficient height before, after, and after exercise.
1. Until it works (from seconds to minutes)
2. It is not possible to set a specific time.
3. It can be stretched to the limit of pain.
4. Until the muscles are relaxed
5. Until the stage where pain (cool pain, not unpleasant) is felt slightly
6. From more than 15 seconds to 2-3 minutes
7. It should be done at least 3 times a week.
8. You can feel the stretch in just 5-6 seconds, but large muscles may take a few minutes to stretch. 
9. A person (athlete) who builds muscle every day can do it for a short time.

<How much power will you increase it?>

1. Perform a little more than the patient's habitual force, and perform enough to breathe comfortably during the kidney.
2. It is helpful to know what kind of job it is. (For example, if you are a ballet player, you have to grow every day).
3. It is better to shorten the kidney a few times a day (brain perception, body protection phenomenon)
4. If you wake up in the morning and feel stiff, it may be a micro-damage, so do not apply.
<Which joint is used to stretch the two joint muscles?
 In general, if there is no problem with the joint, a large joint or a joint that is easy to use is used.

<Effect of muscle elongation>

1. Increases blood circulation in the muscles
2. Improving joint movement patterns
3. Make your muscles stronger.
4. It prolongs muscle fatigue.
ruler!!! I'm starting the kidneys from now on
Let's take the example of stretching the hamstring muscle, the knee flexor.


The first is "Example of Accelerated Muscle Elongation".

Because this stretching method uses a large force and lever, it is relatively difficult to control the stretching of the muscle.
For example, it puts you at a great risk of excessive kidney. These intense muscle stretches "protect yourself"
It causes muscle contractions for "to do", which is the opposite of the originally planned effect.
These movements are often out of control and cause torn muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, and even the spine.
It can even injure the disc.


Second, the stretching method on the right is "normal and gradual muscle stretching,

It means to be tense, then to relax, and finally to gradually relax. 
Scientific studies have proven that it is much better than accelerated muscle stretching.

Third, for the stretching method on the left, you need to pay attention to a stable posture.

You can see that it is tilting forward.
On the other hand, the right stretch method allows you to see the pelvis tilted backwards.
ruler!!! What difference does it make?
Forward flexion of the pelvis causes the hamstrings to extend at least an inch more than "controlled and gradual stretching."
Now you will know for sure. Stretching method to see the maximum effect without hurting the body
that this clearly exists
I also end this column with a happy heart as I can get closer to you with good information.

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