Introduction of short-term diet diet and exercise method, preparation for summer

 Amid the start of the summer heat wave in earnest, a growing number of people are trying to lose weight in a short period of time in preparation for the summer vacation season in July and August.

  But a short-term diet is like a double-edged sword. If you want to see the desired reduction in weight in a short time, you may lose moisture in your body or damage your health through excessive diet control and exercise. Also, after dieting, weight goes back to normal or gain more weight.We should also worry about the phenomenon.

  In particular, the most common mistakes made by people who want to go on a short-term diet begin by following other people's successful diet reviews. Experts say that when trying to lose weight for a short period of time, one must choose a diet method that takes into account one's health, lifestyle, and eating habits.

  In particular, office workers need to be more careful because their immune system decreases and fatigue accumulates, leading to diseases.   Then what is the way to succeed in a short-term diet?

  First, we need to set realistic weight loss goals. If you set your target too high, it's hard to reach it, and you lose weight.It's easy to go through a phenomenon. This is because our body is organically composed based on current weight, so if we lose moisture and weight in a short period of time, we have a regression instinct to restore it to its original state.

  First, it is recommended to do aerobic exercise and weight training for 30 minutes to 1 hour per day based on normal weight, and as a diet exercise, aerobic exercise is a running machine and jump rope, so you can search for weight training with chest, shoulder, and thigh.

  Diet foods do not need to be particularly picky if you exercise regularly, but when you need to lose weight, avoid greasy foods, reduce carbohydrates, and eat diet foods that help you get rid of the accumulated urine and release toxins.

  Diet foods include high protein and low calories, and chicken breasts, cherry tomatoes, cabbage, and black beans are used in cooking.

  Also, corn beards, grass roots, tea orchids, lotus leaves, green tea leaves, mulberry leaves, and dermis are good for drinking as diet tea at home.

  Corn bearded tea, which is used as a diet-friendly food, removes edema and is used in blood pressure, prostate hypertrophy, and jaundice in addition to its effects and diuretic effects in treating high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases.

  Green tea, mulberry leaves, tea orchids, and lotus leaves, which are effective for body waste, toxins, are also used to reduce antioxidants, cholesterol, and blood sugar, and make the body clear and relax the mind and mind.

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