Immunity enhancement

 Viruses such as coronavirus can be more easily infected in people with impaired immune systems. You should be careful, especially in-between seasons like these days, because your immune system can deteriorate. Immunity can be enhanced by eating foods that are good for strengthening immunity along with constant exercise.

▲ Garlic

Garlic, one of the nation's four major vegetables, is an important ingredient in Korean food. It is also the most famous immune-boosting food. It features a pungent taste and aroma, and contains a lot of allicin that has a strong sterilization effect, which helps strengthen immunity. It is also effective in various inflammations such as rheumatoid arthritis, and also reduces the incidence of cancer by controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In particular, black garlic, which has matured garlic, further increases immune-enhancing ingredients in the process of ripening, and eliminates the unique flavor of garlic.

▲ Mushroom

Mushrooms are known to lower cholesterol, prevent obesity and constipation, and have anti-cancer effects. The Donguibogam records that it is a food ingredient that strengthens stomach by boosting energy and appetite. Mushrooms' cholesterol control ability and anti-cancer effects are attributed to an ingredient called "betaglucan" contained in mushrooms, which also improves immunity. Also, more than 90 percent of mushrooms are pollinated, and they are rich in dietary fiber.

▲ Carrot

Betacarotene, a representative ingredient in carrots, is a pigment that makes carrots look orange and increases immunity. Beta-carotene is converted into vitamin A when it enters the body, which is one of the top three antioxidant vitamins along with vitamins C and E. When vitamin A is absorbed into the body, it eliminates harmful oxygen in the body and is effective in suppressing aging, enhancing immunity, and preventing cancer.

▲ Apple

Apples are fruits rich in various ingredients such as potassium, vitamin C, organic acids, pectin and flavonoids. Potassium in apples is a very effective food for people with high blood pressure because it releases sodium out of the body. Organic acids also relieve fatigue and strengthen immunity, while pectin, a type of dietary fiber, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar. Flavonoids prevent waste from accumulating in the arteries, helping prevent various vascular diseases and cancer.

▲ Tomatoes

Tomatoes are rich in vitamins and contain an antioxidant called lycopene. Lycophen helps prevent aging in our body as well as strengthen immunity. Especially, when you add olive oil to heated tomatoes, the amount of lycopene absorbed increases by more than nine times than when you eat raw tomatoes. Also, when you eat tomatoes with sugar, it destroys tomatoes' vitamins, so it's better to sprinkle salt instead of sugar.

▲ Red wine

Red wine is effective in improving immunity and in antioxidant action. So taking one glass of wine a day is very good for your health. Consuming a certain amount of red wine every day increases immunity, which is effective in improving mild colds, fever, and gastrointestinal disorders, and helps prevent heart disease. It also has an excellent sterilization effect that kills bacteria such as salmonella.

▲ Practice lifestyle that strengthens immunity

It is hard to expect to increase immunity just by eating food. Maintaining body temperature is basically important to boost immunity. This is because immunity decreases when temperature drops and body temperature decreases. Doing moderate exercise, foot bathing, lower body bathing, etc. can help raise your body temperature. It is recommended that you refrain from drinking caffeine drinks or extreme exercise before going to bed.

Get regular and balanced eating habits and enough sleep, and refrain from excessive stress, smoking, drinking and binge eating.

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