Illness also burns in the summer. Diseases that worsen in summer

 Diseases also get hot in the summery. Just as colds and strokes occur easily in winter, there are separate diseases that worsen symptoms in hot summer months. 
Find out about the common or severe diseases that occur in the summer months.

◇ 3 times more urinary absences in summer

 A typical summer disease in which about three times as many patients visit hospitals in summer as in winter. Urinary tract stone refers to the formation of hard substances such as stones in kidneys, urea, bladder, urethra, etc. It usually occurs in people in their 30s and 40s, and there are about 1.5 times more men than women.
 The reason why the number of patients increases rapidly in summer is that they sweat a lot due to the heat and do not replenish enough moisture. Due to the strong blood concentration, the formation of stones can be promoted, which can lead to rapid growth of small stones. The most common symptom is severe side pain. In particular, if people who usually exercise hard, such as soccer, neglect to drink water, they will be more likely to develop urinary absences.
 Therefore, it is better to drink more water than usual in summer to maintain supersaturated conditions of body fluids. It is also important to exercise regularly, avoid overeating and defecate regularly. Avoid foods such as peanuts, walnuts, kale, spinach, cocoa, and chocolate, which cause a lot of calcium.

◇ Women's vaginitis level is also high.

 In the summer, patients visiting hospitals also increase by double due to vaginitis caused by Candida bacteria, a type of fungus. If the hot and humid weather persists, fungus' ability to inhabit will become active. Furthermore, if the heat causes chronic fatigue, the body's resistance will be weakened, which can easily cause inflammation.
 The main symptoms are a thick white chill and severe itching. In many cases, itching causes hands to go unknowingly, and people who have used antibiotics for a long time, pregnant women, and diabetes patients should be more careful. Candida bacteria are also active in the water, so careful attention is needed in swimming pools and baths.

◇ Hyperthyroidism

 It is a disease in which thyroid hormones, which decompose nutrients and generate energy, are excessively secreted. My appetite is craving, but I lose weight, sweat a lot, and my heart is pounding. It is strong against cold but weak against heat. The heat is like pouring oil on a fire, aggravating the symptoms. Women whose necks are swollen to the front and are exceptionally difficult to spend the summer should be questioned if it is the disease.
 It is also characterized by severe hunger due to increased metabolism. Therefore, about six meals a day are needed in summer. It is recommended to eat nutritious and balanced foods because you lose weight even if you eat a lot. Proteins, sugars, minerals, and vitamin B complexes should be taken sufficiently. However, it is recommended to avoid foods that can cause diarrhea by increasing intestinal exercise or foods that have a lot of fiber.


 Diabetic patients should be careful of dehydration in the summer. This is because blood sugar rises when dehydrated. Especially for patients who exercise to control blood sugar, it is recommended to drink two cups of water two hours before exercise, one cup 30 minutes before exercise, and half a cup of water every 15 minutes during exercise.
 Periodic paralysis also intensifies in the summer. It is common in men and after exercising in hot weather, suddenly legs become numb. A precaution at this time is to prevent sugar intake such as soft drinks. Sugar reduces the concentration of potassium, a type of electrolyte, in the blood, to reduce muscle strength.
 When you wake up suddenly from lying down, your head turns round and your eyes turn dark, and even your dizzy "stand-up hypotension" often worsens in the summer. This is because the hotter it gets, the more relaxed the blood vessels are, and when the posture changes, the faster the blood supply from the heart to the brain is not possible. Frequent muscle exercises such as bare-handed gymnastics and lifting dumbbells can relieve symptoms.

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