Housewives and office workers often suffer from “tennis elbow”

 If you're a regular athlete, you've heard of tennis el-guarantees at least once. As you know, most of them are caused by exercise, it is a pain disease that can also occur in housewives and office workers who do a lot of housework.

- What is tennis elbow?

Tennis elbow is a condition that causes pain in the outer tendon of the elbow and the joint of the bone. The area where the tendon connects to the bone is called an upper surgeon, and medically, it is called "external gastritis" because pain appears in the area outside the elbow.

There is a gradual pain or pressure in the outer upper and lower regions where the muscles that stretch back the wrist begin in common. Tennis elbow is usually called tennis elbow because it is caused by a lot of physical stress on the tendon outside the elbow and the joints of the bone. 

Tennis elbow appears in many hands-on people, such as housewives, hairdressers, and racquets athletes. Tennis elbow that occurs in housewives is deeply related to household activities such as weaving cloths, moving heavy objects, etc. Among tennis players, there are more beginners than professionals. 

Tennis elbow may appear partially ruptured as muscles and tendons, which play a role of stretching fingers or stretching wrists toward the back of the hand, undergoes degenerative changes. Tennis elbow patients are the most aged 35 to 55.

- Tennis elbow cause

The main symptom of tennis elbow is the pain in the protrusion outside the elbow.

Those who work in office jobs that use a lot of exercise, household labor, keyboards and mice with various elbow tendons develop minor fractures in their elbow tendons.

The finger muscles used to type or click the mouse while using the computer are connected to the tendons and muscles inside the elbow. On the contrary, when you stretch your fingers, you use the outer muscles and tendons of your elbows, so you have a slight rupture in your muscles and tendons while working for a long time.

The cause of tennis elbow symptoms is not yet clear. Up to now, it occurs when you repeatedly lift things up in your daily life, grab objects with an unstable grip, and repeatedly bend them toward the back of your wrist joint.

*** If you have pain at times like this, suspect tennis elbow.

- When stretching your wrist or leaning in the back of your hand.

- When lifting an object with its wrist open

- When you pick things up hard,

- When I opened the door with the doorknob.

- When squeezing a mop or dishcloth,

- Guide to living guide

The most important thing for tennis elbow treatment is proper rest. If it is inevitable to reduce the amount of work given to the wrists and arms, wear appropriate protective gear such as wrists and elbows. If the pain is severe, it is recommended to apply hot or ice packs depending on the condition. If the pain decreases, exercise that strengthens the strength of the elbow and wrist to prevent recurrence. If you have a suspected tennis elbow pain, you should not miss the timing of treatment and be treated on time to prevent chronicization.

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