Foods to watch out for when taking medications

Most medicines are more effective when taken with food rather than on an empty stomach. This is because food helps the stomach and intestines to improve absorption of the drug and allows the drug to reach the required area quickly.

   However, you should be careful because some foods meet with medicines and reduce the efficacy of medicines and even threaten your health in severe cases. Therefore, experts advise that special attention should be paid to the diet in order to improve the efficacy of the drug and increase the therapeutic effect. The Food and Drug Safety Commission of the UK has introduced more than 200 foods that should not be eaten with medicines.
   Let's learn about the foods to be careful about when taking medications.

   ◇ Dairy products, laxatives and antibiotics

  Jang Yongjeong (腸溶錠) should be avoided with milk. Enteric-coated tablets are drugs designed so that they are not absorbed in the stomach to reach the intestine. Laxatives such as Dulcolax, which can be easily obtained from pharmacies, are representative. In addition, there are enteric tablets among aspirin, antidiarrheal, antacid, and anti-inflammatory drugs.
   The special feature of the enteric tablet is that the drug is specially coated so that it is not decomposed by gastric acid and only works in the large intestine, which is an alkaline environment. However, if you drink milk with the drug, the weakly alkaline milk neutralizes gastric acid and the protective film of the drug is easily damaged. In this case, the effect of the drug may decrease or the stomach may ache due to irritation or convulsions in the stomach. Therefore, if you have eaten dairy products, it is advisable to take the medicine about an hour later.
   In addition, when tetracycline (Theramycin tablets, Minomycin capsules, etc.) and quinolones (Furumark tablets, Fraxin tablets, Para tablets) are taken with milk or dairy products, the drug ingredients are excreted without being absorbed into the body, and the medicinal effect is reduced. falls Dairy products are best eaten 2 hours after taking antibiotics.

◇ Grapefruit, orange juice and high blood pressure medicine

  High blood pressure medications (ingredient name: felodipine), antidepressants (Xanax), and antihistamines (tefenadine), if taken with grapefruit juice, interfere with the liver metabolism of the drug and lower blood pressure.
   Also, statin-type cholesterol-lowering drugs and immunosuppressants should not be taken with grapefruit juice.

◇ Green tea, black tea and vitamins

  When taking herbal tea with vitamins or anemia treatment, there may be ingredients that may decrease the efficacy or cause side effects, so it is best to consult with your doctor if possible.
For example, you should be careful because tannins contained in green tea or black tea can change the intrinsic components of drugs such as vitamins and anemia treatment, thereby reducing the efficacy.

◇ Ginseng, birth control pills, and hormones

  Ginseng promotes the secretion of female hormones (estrogen). Therefore, women who are using contraceptives or taking hormone replacement therapy should be cautious when consuming ginseng. This is because estrogen intake in excess of the required amount can increase the risk of breast cancer.
   However, since the saponin component of ginseng has anticancer effects, it is not dangerous unless it is in large amounts.

◇ Others

  If you are taking medications for diabetes and allergic rhinitis, avoid white sugar. In addition, if an epilepsy patient consumes a seasoning (sodium glutamate) while taking an antiepileptic drug (phenytoin), the whole body may feel drowsy and the heart pounding may cause a feeling of helplessness.
 Depression drugs and high blood pressure drugs are sanggeuk with beer, bananas, and herring. In particular, mixing with 'pargiline', a component of high blood pressure medications, increases the risk of stroke. Depression medications may also interact with the 'taramine' component contained in these foods, so be careful.
   People taking asthma medications should avoid eating blue-backed fish such as mackerel. Mackerel may contain allergenic histamines, which can make asthma or allergic diseases style or personality, that is, psychotherapy, but depression accompanied by physical abnormalities requires drug treatment, electroshock treatment, and cognitive therapy.
 Depression usually lasts for about 6 months, and 50-60% of cases recur within 1 year if not treated properly.
 Therefore, even after symptoms improve, you should continue to receive drug treatment for 3 to 4 years, and once you get depressed, it is good to continue treatment for 5 years or more.
 In order to prevent depression, it is important to get rid of the feeling of isolation above all else.
 It is important to have conversations with family members, such as reminding them that they are precious people, and for mild depression, it is a great help just to tell someone your inner feelings.

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