Efficacy of taro, rich in fiber, as an autumn ingredient

Taro is a tropical plant and can only be grown when the weather is warm enough. Usually in asia, they are sown in April, and the stems are harvested first before the frost comes, and the seeds are covered with soil. 

 Eggs from taro soil are called taro. In addition to egg stalks, they can eat all the stems and leaves, and contain plenty of vitamin C as well as carbohydrates, proteins and minerals. Its shape is similar to that of potatoes, but its texture is soft even though it tastes differently chewy. In particular, it is a food ingredient that can be eaten during the fall season before frost falls.

- the efficacy of taro

a. It is rich in fiber.

The rich fiber in taro helps prevent constipation and colon cancer by actively exercising intestines.

b. It contains potassium and calcium.

 Potassium helps the body release sodium and is also good for preventing high blood pressure. Beta-carotene not only lowers inflammation and helps clean blood vessels, but also boosts immunity with anticancer components.

c. It contains musin.

 The sticky mucus of taro is musin, which is rich in musin, which keeps the stomach healthy and promotes absorption and digestion of proteins, lowering cholesterol levels and detoxifying effects. It also contains high levels of vitamin C as well as carbohydrates, proteins and minerals.


- How to buy a good taro

 Since it came out of the ground, the taro surface is not excessively clean, but the skin is moist with soil. It's better to be in the shape of an egg and not to smell sour when you smell it. When you cut the taro, you should choose the taro that is white, sticky, and glossy. Do not wash the taro, but keep it in a cool place where the air is well ventilated by wrapping it in kitchen towels or newspapers and spraying water.

- how to trim taro

 The taro should be washed clean under running water and used after removing it from the rice water for about a day. You can soak the dried taro stems at room temperature for a day and then change the water in the middle. It is good for preventing colorectal cancer, and it can be used as a loved taro yukgaejang ingredient in autumn, or it can be used as a protein taro soup using beef and taro radish. Let's improve our immunity in this fall by applying taro, which is used in various dishes.

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