Dry eye syndrome commonly seen in modern people

 These days, when you go to a restaurant, you often see a child who has just passed his stone sitting at a table and looking at his smartphone. It may sound reasonable to say that parents give smartphones to children who are busy in restaurants to become quiet children in order not to harm their surroundings.

- Dryness seems to have become a daily routine.

 Modern people live dry or stressful daily lives with excessive use of electronic devices in their daily lives, so not only adults but also children are watching smartphones for a long time.According to the report, more and more people are visiting hospitals because their eyes are bloodshot or something feels dry. In fact, a survey found that the prevalence of dry eye disease is increasing by 2.1 percent annually.

What is dry eye syndrome?

 It is a disease caused by a lack of tears or excessive evaporation of tears. It can be said that the surface of the eye (eyeball) is easily damaged because tears such as eye lubricants do not dry or flow.

It refers to the fact that tears that we commonly know are not produced properly, causing dry, dry eyes and cold eyes.

   In particular, these days, children cannot rest their eyes, such as using smartphones for long periods of time, processing computer work, and watching T.V. at home. Dry environment created by air conditioners in summer and heaters in winter and various stress and influence imbalances can also cause dry eye syndrome.

   It is important to treat dry eyes as it is a mild condition that anyone can develop, and not treated continuously harms eye health and can cause complications, so it is important to treat them appropriately according to the symptoms.

- Eye health habits that can be easily done in daily life

 Let's take a five-minute break periodically with our eyes closed.  If your office is dry, try installing a small humidifier in front of your computer desk.  Be careful not to get enough water and air conditioner wind in your eyes.

a. Let's practice quitting smoking and abstaining from drinking.

b. Pressurize the meridians around the eyes.(Pressurize the sun's blood, which is located at the inner end of the forehead and outer end of the eyebrow between the eyebrows.)

c. Using artificial tears (mucosal fluid)

d. Reduce smartphone and computer usage

Smartphones are the main cause of damage to the health of modern people's eyes. It makes your eyes tired because the screen on your smartphone is colorful and bright. Long-term use is prohibited, especially in dark places.

To maintain healthy eyes for a long time, first of all, let's practice to refrain from using smartphones and living healthy habits.

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