Dental caries, oral disease, even if you change your brushing habits

Toothopathy is most frequently issued to children. 

 In particular, it is most likely to occur in adolescence between the ages of 5 and 8 before entering the school and between the ages of 10 and 15. The older you get, the less likely your teeth become to rot.  

- What is tooth-eating disorder? 

It is a disease in which hemorrhoids are destroyed by acid produced by bacteria attached to the teeth. It's called because it looks like a rotten tooth and ate a bug. Simply put, we call it cavities. Especially in young children, tooth decay is caused by acids caused by decomposition of sugar, starch, etc. by bacteria living in the mouth, damaging the enamel of the teeth, resulting in cavities. It is often caused by children who have childhood baby bottles or who do not have a good brushing habit.  

- Causes of tooth-eating disorder  

The reason for this is that acid, which uses the remaining sugar in the mouth due to food residue from the grooves of the teeth chewing, teeth between teeth and gums, attacks the teeth' hard tissue, enamel, ivory, and white matter, resulting in white spots on the teeth, and black holes.

- Toothopathy Symptoms  

Above all, the symptoms are tooth pain. If left unattended, inflammation may be transferred to the root end, which hurts when chewed, and the bone at the root end melts away due to pus sac. It is very diverse depending on the scope of the progression of eating disorders. 

- Prevention of tooth-eating disorder 

Above all, the habit of brushing teeth after meals is important. Care should be taken to clean mouth by brushing teeth and flossing teeth. Brush your teeth after meals rather than over-trust in the anti-loyalty xylitol on the air. Also, consultation comes first when you visit the dentist. In case of children, avoid sweets, candies, coke, etc. and children should also develop their brushing habits.

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