Cold hands and feet that plague middle-aged women

 Many women worry about cold hands and feet as there are many myths about the energy of their hands and feet, such as "they are affectionate" and "when menopause occurs."

So-called "water foot coldness" is a disease that is often referred to by ordinary people as cold hands and feet are extremely cold, or even when under the covers at night, you cannot sleep because your knees are cold, and sometimes your hands and feet turn purple.
Death arteriosclerosis in peripheral blood vessels caused by wrong dietary habits such as drinking and smoking is the main cause. In general, it is more common in women than men, especially women around the age of 40, because changes due to endocrine hormone metabolism, which is related to vascular motor nerves such as female hormones, are more severe than men through menopause.
In fact, women often complain of coldness due to peripheral blood circulation problems as their ovarian function slows down after the age of 35 and the secretion of ovarian hormones also deteriorates.
Acupressure is an effective way to relieve the cold hands and feet. Squeeze your hands and feet whenever you have time, press your thumb and little hands and toes under the ankle bone. Press your hands for 3 minutes, feet for 6 minutes, and then press again for 2 days.
There is also a way to change one's constitution by bathing or food..Baths should be taken frequently at low temperatures, and cold and hot baths, which repeat cold and hot baths more than three times a minute, are especially good.
It is also good to eat a lot of vitamin-rich vegetables. It is good to consistently sweeten herbal medicine to keep your body warm. In particular, it is recommended to drink water that has been added to the pot with the dried persimmons, dried persimmons, and malt oil at the same time.

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