Causes and solutions of 'old-aged smell'

The smell of the elderly is often caused by neglecting oral care, especially for older people who use dentures, who are reluctant to talk if dentures are managed unsanitary.

 In addition, elderly people have poor metabolism and produce a lot of waste during the metabolic process, which also causes the unique odor of the elderly, and most elderly people often have urinary disorders such as incontinence.

◆ Negligence in the management of the oral cavity

Most of the time, the smell from the mouth is caused by tooth damage, which can be solved if you brush your teeth frequently after dental treatment. Older people, however, often find brushing their teeth annoying because they are tired, and it takes at least two to three times a day to prevent bad breath. In particular, less contact with other people decreases the number of times you open your mouth, and it is necessary to drink a lot of water and ventilate your mouth often to prevent this. As you get older, the smell of cigarettes gets worse. Smoking suppresses salivary glands, drying not only the inside of the mouth but also the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract. Therefore, quitting smoking is also essential for oral health.

◆ Peroxide lipids during sebum

Any creature has a unique smell. Humans can live by accepting each other's body odor without much resistance, but when it goes too far, it makes others feel repulsed or displeased. In particular, the elderly have a unique smell when they live alone due to their strong body odor. The smell of the elderly is fundamentally different from the smell of living alone in their teens and 20s. Due to the decrease in metabolic ability due to aging of the body, the decomposition and emission of waste matter are not active, and fatty acids in the sebum are oxidized into substances called peroxidizing lipids, causing a unique smell of the elderly. Nonenal, an unsaturated aldehyde, is mainly produced in older people, but it is not an exception for chronic patients or those in their 50s or older. However, other than the production of these substances, it is the habit of not washing yourself often or taking care of yourself cleanly due to poor activity. No matter how old you are, bathing and maintaining cleanliness often does not cause a special smell like any young man. Also, the sour smell of old people's heads is that sweat, rain, dandruff, etc. are broken down by bacteria. Therefore, washing your hair frequently to avoid accumulating sebum or dandruff on your scalp is the best way to get rid of odors.

◆ Urinary incontinence and urine smell

The cleanliness of feet, armpits, groin, etc. should also be taken care of when older, which is related to bowel movement. In the case of women, urine can leak out little by little when they laugh or lift heavy loads due to incontinence, and men also make mistakes when they pee due to prostate hypertrophy, which can lead to ammonia formation and odor. Therefore, if you have incontinence and prostate hypertrophy symptoms, you should consult with an expert and receive fundamental treatment, and even if you are not sweating because you are inactive, you should wash these areas with soap and wash bedding and clothing frequently.

The smell of the elderly is inevitable when they get older, but if they analyze the cause, the solution is surprisingly easy. As we enter a full-fledged aging society, the elderly should now check their health and create conditions to socialize with young people.

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