5 Lifestyle Habits for Joint Rejuvenation

 I can't leave my knees out as one of the measures I think 'I'm old.' I had to take a break from the usual stairs, and I sat down. Every time he stands up, he often grabs his stiff knee.   Arthritis is not just a matter of pain. If you have a bad joint, everything that moves freely will be put on the brakes. 

It can be difficult to walk around the house as well as take a light walk. Perhaps they will not be able to enjoy the changes in the seasons such as flower viewing, maple viewing, and snow viewing, and will let their old age slip away.  Therefore, joint health is a must-have item as you get older.

- The reason 'knee' is especially painful in the joint

  Arthritis can occur at any part of the bone that meets the bone. Knee, as well as shoulder, wrist, ankle, finger, etc. are very diverse. 

  However, when it comes to arthritis, "knee" comes to mind first. Knee arthritis is the most common, which is one of the largest joints in our body. Structurally, the joint between the knees is not only poor, but it is much more often used than other joints.

  In addition, the knee is also the most heavily loaded part of the body. When standing still and walking or running, the shock from the soles of the feet is transmitted to the knees.

  Knee, which always has to endure weight and shock, is prone to inflammation and pain as regression progresses faster than other joints, and cartilage protecting the joints is worn out and thinner. 


Knee arthritis, once you get it, you'll have to treat it for the rest of your life!

  If you look around, there are so many people who live with joint diseases. Therefore, there is a strong perception that arthritis is not easily cured, maybe that's why. If arthritis occurs when you get older, there are quite a few people who say it's because they're old, rather than active treatment.

  But this is just a preconceived idea. Depending on how thoroughly you prevent joints, the prognosis can vary depending on how quickly you treat them.

  If you exercise well for your joints and combine appropriate treatments, your muscles and ligaments around your joints will be strengthened, which will help you relieve pain and relieve symptoms. Even a complete recovery is possible.


- 5 lifestyles for joint rejuvenation

  In fact, arthritis naturally occurs when you get older because of the parts that wear out as you use them.   However, neglecting management will speed up joint aging. The actual age is 50, which means that the joint age can be 70.   Don't be so conceited just because you're young and let's find out about your lifestyle for joint health from now. 


1. Maintain standard weight at all times

 I said earlier that knees are the joints that withstand the most loads in our bodies. For this reason, if you gain weight, the pressure on your joints will inevitably increase.

  In fact, the pressure on the knee is said to be three times higher. If you gain 5kg, your knees will have to bear 15kg.   For healthy joints, you should always try to maintain the right weight. 


2. Eat foods high in antioxidants

 Antioxidant nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, beta-carotene and selenium help prevent and treat cartilage damage. 

  Therefore, it is good to eat enough vegetables and fruits that contain a lot of these ingredients. Typical examples are broccoli, pumpkins, etc. 


3. Don't eat salty food

 Calcium loss occurs when the body releases full sodium. Therefore, it is recommended to eat bland foods to avoid excessive sodium intake.

  In addition, eating green-yellow vegetables, liver, grains, and fruits rich in vitamin K can reduce bone loss and calcium excretion. 


4. Care not to lack calcium and vitamin D

 I'm sure you know calcium is good for your bones. Taking vitamin D together promotes calcium absorption and helps joint health.

  Calcium-rich foods include milk, dairy products, bone-eating fish, algae, vegetables, and tofu. Vitamin D can be taken as fish oil, egg yolk, and vitamin D nutritional supplements. 


5. Exercise regularly to increase muscle strength

 Joints do not move alone. Muscles and ligaments around them must be supported firmly to function normally.  

Therefore, it is important to strengthen the muscles around the joints through moderate exercise. It is important to note that excessive exercise can be harmful to the joints.

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