5 eating habits for morning people

 Although eating habits vary depending on the individual's biorhythm, it would not be bad for anyone who cares about health to watch these five eating habits.

If you want a healthy life, eating habits and nutrition that fit the rhythm of your new life are as important as sleeping and exercising. It is pointed out that just as nature has rhythms such as 15 days and days, and high tide and low tide, the human body has various rhythms and rules such as body temperature, blood pressure, pulse, brain activity, hormone secretion, and digestive absorption, so it is necessary to eat accordingly. In order to practice a healthy life, breakfast is very important, and a diet that can recharge the energy needed for active activities is essential.


■ Wake up quickly for breakfast.

Breakfast should not be skipped. Because morning is the time the body wakes up, it naturally switches the body into activity mode.

I need something to give. Especially if you start working early in the morning, it is important to raise your body temperature through meals and stimulate your stomach to increase your body rhythm.

Drink a cup of bottled water on an empty stomach before meals. Drinking bottled water can give light stimulation to your stomach and organs, which can help wake your body, appetite and mind.


■ Eat like an emperor in the morning and a beggar in the evening.

Since the activity mode starts to work in the morning, energy metabolism is accelerated and calories are easily consumed. Therefore, there is no fear of gaining weight even if you eat enough. Rather, it can be used as a fuel that is active throughout the afternoon.

However, in the evenings when it begins to go into sleep mode, the body changes towards saving energy, which can prevent obesity by reducing the amount of meals.


■ Manage meal times and quantity.

It is important to eat three meals a day. Irregular meal times do not provide the energy needed for activities and are not good for maintaining physical vitality. Eat your meals rhythmically so that your body's rhythm is regular. You should refrain from overeating and overeating.

They often overeat or binge eat at lunch or dinner. However, eating too much food at once not only increases the burden on the stomach, but also increases satiety and is prone to food coma. It is necessary to consume little by little frequently.

Since it is important for morning-type people to maintain their vitality, it is recommended to eat carbohydrates and vitamin-rich foods little by little frequently.


■ Be sensitive to fatigue.

Don't rely on coffee and so on to ward off fatigue and drowsiness.If you start early in the morning, you will feel tired easily because you will have more activity per day than before. In such a case, depending on coffee only shows temporary awakening effects, but in the long run, it adds to the burden on the body.

Relieve fatigue with sugary foods. Fatigue can then be alleviated by a small intake of sugar. It is also a good way to stretch while eating a light snack that is rich in sugar. However, it is better to avoid excessive sugar intake.


■ Apply stress management to your diet.

Reduce stress with vitamin-rich foods.If you eat enough fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamins, you can strengthen antioxidants in your body to prevent fatigue or stress.

It is also a good way to use supplementing foods such as vitamin C. Don't force your hunger. As breakfast is faster, the sense of hunger until lunch increases, and if you endure it unconditionally, it can strain your body or cause stress. Rather, it is desirable to eat snacks that contain a lot of carbohydrates at that time.

However, it is recommended that the intake at this time be limited to a small amount enough to suppress hunger. For breakfast, raw food, vegetable porridge, potatoes and fruit are icing on the cake. Reproduction contains carbohydrates and vitamins. It is also a good way to chew nuts such as walnut pine nuts.For protein supplementation, it is also good to eat it with milk and soy milk.

Vegetable porridge does not burden the stomach, so it is recommended for office workers who feel uncomfortable inside. Pre-soaked rice and washed vegetables can be prepared the night before, or semi-cooked instant porridge can be used.

Potatoes are rich in carbohydrates and ascorbic acid. You need wisdom to steam it in the evening and eat it in the morning.

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