3 ways to lose belly fat fast

 A (29, female), an office worker living in Gyeonggi-do, has thin forearms and lower body parts, so everyone who sees them often hears “I want to be slim” and “I will live without worrying about diet”. However, Mr. A also had one concern: his bulging belly fat. With a baggy t-shirt and always covering it up, the people around her never thought she would have a belly fat.

  A person who has a slender forearm and lower body like Mr. A, but only his belly protrudes like a spider, is called 'abdominal obesity'. Abdominal obesity can cause life-threatening diseases such as diabetes, stroke, and myocardial infarction as well as various adult diseases, so diet is essential. Then, is there any diet method that can effectively remove such abdominal obesity? Let's solve abdominal obesity in a short period of time by following the diet method below.

  1. Identify your type of abdominal obesity

Abdominal obesity is divided into 'visceral fat' and 'subcutaneous fat type'. If your upper belly is convex, there is a high probability that it is visceral fat. As for how to lose visceral fat, it is urgent to combine exercise to lose belly fat and a low-calorie diet with the goal of reducing the amount of body fat. The 'subcutaneous fat type', where the lower abdomen is thickly touched, cannot lose weight only by exercising the abdominal muscles. Therefore, in order to lose weight in a short period of time, it is desirable to do aerobic exercise and then to burn body fat first.

  2. Diet diet composition is essential For

abdominal obesity diet, it is essential to control the diet diet. Red fruit foods are known to be excellent for weight loss. The darker the color, the more effective it is to break down fat. In addition, protein-rich foods such as 'egg' and 'chicken breast' are effective in dieting.
  There is a western proverb that says, 'Breakfast for a king, dinner for a beggar'. It is much more beneficial to eat the same food in the morning. Also, eat a good breakfast to prevent overeating at lunch and dinner, so make sure to eat breakfast. At the same time, it takes about 20 minutes after a meal for the brain to feel full, so it is desirable to chew food slowly.

  3. Get help from a professional diet planner

If you don't know your type or if you find it difficult to control your diet or exercise, it is one way to get help from a professional diet planner .

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