3 step management method for tired skin in summer

 In summer, I get tired easily because the weather is hot and humid. Especially in weather like this these days, skin problems tend to double. This is because it is easily stimulated by high temperatures, strong ultraviolet rays, and humidity.

  In severe cases, it is highly likely to suffer from diseases such as acne, sunburn, and athlete's foot. Especially, intense ultraviolet rays are fatal to skin damage and aging. It takes away moisture from the skin and reduces elasticity, resulting in wrinkles, thick keratin formation, staining hyperpigmentation, freckles, and capillary dilation.

  Although they say they try their best to take care of their skin in the summer, they often fail to see the effects and damage their skin. These people are likely to have managed based on false common sense. It introduces 3 steps of skin care that must be understood and implemented in the summer.

- Skin care in summer 1. Sunscreen is essential before going out.

  How to choose sunscreen: It is recommended to choose a product that has less skin irritation, is durable, and has a wide range of sunscreen rates. Sunscreen should be used within one year of its release, and PA++ and SPF 15-30 are suitable for indoor living, and PA++ or higher and SPF 30-50 are recommended for outdoor activities.

  How to choose by skin type: Dry skin has a good cream or balm type, and let's choose a product that contain moisturizing ingredients. For oily and acne-prone skin, lotion is suitable and oil-free products are recommended. Sensitive skin needs to be carefully examined for ingredients before purchasing them, but let's choose one that doesn't have chemical or synthetic pigments or synthetic preservatives.

  How to apply sunscreen: After basic makeup, tap the amount (about one index finger based on adult standards) thoroughly to absorb it. It is recommended to apply it at least 30 minutes before going out, regardless of the SPF index, when sweating or activities outside. If you have makeup on, it is difficult to apply the product again, so it is better to use a sun cushion or a pact with SPF function.

- Skin care in summer 2. Right cleansing after going out

  You should pay more attention to washing your face in the summer when it is easy for your skin to become sensitive due to ultraviolet rays and heat. In the summer, there are a lot of sweat and sebum secretions, so I often think it is good to wash my face often, but it is not.

  If you have thick makeup, you need to wash it off cleanly when you have double cleansing, but if you only have sunscreen on, you can wash it clean with just one foam cleanser. Rather, frequent use of cleansing products can take away the appropriate amount of oil and moisture that is essential to the skin, which can damage the skin. Therefore, excessive washing is prohibited. 

 The temperature of the water is also important. It is easy to think that you should wash your face with cold water because your face is ripe or heated in the summer, but this is wrong. When you wash your face with cold water, your skin feels stiff and pores shrink instantly, but this is not the case. It's not good to wash your face with too hot water. If you wash your face with hot water or take a shower, all the oil and moisture in your skin and hair are washed away and your skin becomes dry. Therefore, it is best to wash your face with lukewarm water (more than 35 degrees and less than 42 degrees), which is similar to human temperature.

- Skin care in summer 3. Skin soothing care

When you return home after going out in the summer, your face often burns with hot heat. Let's calm our skin down with simple natural ingredients. 

 Utilizing Green Tea Water: If your face is hot due to strong ultraviolet rays, it is effective to put a green tea bag on your face or wash your face with green tea water that you brewed right after washing your face. Green tea contains tannin, which is excellent in removing excess sebum and converging pores in the summer. The tocopherol also prevents wrinkles and soothes skin damage. It is rich in vitamins, which is also effective in preventing freckles and pimples. 

 Making a natural pack with aloe: Making a natural pack with aloe not only lowers skin temperature but also provides moisturizing and sterilizing effects. In particular, it contains allo-white ingredients, which suppresses melanin pigments that cause freckles and freckles. Also, it helps with whitening effects and inhibiting sebum secretion, so try aloe packs on days when you are exposed to ultraviolet rays. The way to make a natural pack is to peel off the aloe skin and crush the sticky part and spread it on the sheet covered with the face. After 15 to 20 minutes, lightly rinse with lukewarm water to feel moist and smooth skin.

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